A Dedication to Unpublished Writers



I dedicate this pilgrimage to the incredible number of writers, like me, whose literary achievements have neither a home on a book shelf or the heart of an e-reader. 


While definitions of "well written" vary, for the sake of illustration, let's assume that many of us have a "well written" manuscript.  "Well written" is not enough incentive to attract an agent or publisher. Why? It is an expensive proposition to publish and distribute a book. Most publishers are not willing to gamble. They hedge their bets by going with well-known and in-vogue authors. This limits the risk of their investment in the publishing process. Agents supply what publishers demand. They have a responsibility to their existing established client authors to place their works and this requires a trusting relationship with various publishers. It is from this balance of service provided by the agent that they earn their living. It makes no sense for an agent to push the works of unknown authors to uninterested publishers unless they see something that knocks their socks off. Otherwise, it would be like the "boy who cried wolf".


Look at this another way. Say you have a new orange leather jacket, a very expensive one, and you are willing to sell it for $10. Surely it would sell, but would it sell as easily a black jacket.  Would your unknown jacket brand sell as easily as an Izod or Calvin Klein? The point? It is easier to squeeze a camel through the eye of a needle than for us - new and unknown authors, to find an agent or publisher! This leaves us with three options. We can give up our dreams of publication, keep on keeping on...looking for an agent/publisher or...we can self-publish.


Self-publishing becomes a viable option...if... one has written well, a subject with readership demand, and has created a novel that's un-put-downable. The Wizard Was Odd has received many positive comments (click Reviews tab), both paid and unpaid with respect to "well-written" and "un-put-downable". However, in my experiences, there is a strong perception with agents and publishers that anything Oziian, especially another novel is folly.  Beaten, worn, overused and abused describes my agent and publisher contacts' feelings about anything Oziian. The suggestion of another Wizard of Oz novel shares the same taint and aversion as the mere hint of publishing new vampire, werewolf, or zombie novels as well as the rhyme and writings of Dr. Seussian apostles.


Despite the experts' perception, considerable research shows me otherwise. With respect to almost anything Oziian, public and commercial interest is alive, well, and thriving. Recently, a 1939 Wizard of Oz posters sold for $12,000. a yellow brick from the "road" sold for $5,000, and Dorothy's red shoes and the Lion's costume sold for hundreds of thousands.  This link will amaze you  with the incredible number of plays, books, movies, and games during the last hundred years as well as current and upcoming movie and TV series based upon L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.


In closing, I invite you to walk my Yellow Brick Road beside me; the journey will be unorthodox and unique. Each day will bring its challenges from raising funds, understanding various aspects of social media, launching a Kickstarter platform, dealing with the developmental construction of digital limited-edition scene images, understanding "limited edition", "archival quality", and  most importantly of course, is getting the series into digital and printed publication. There is so much to do and with a self-imposed deadline of delivery well before Christmas, time is of the essence. When the road comes to an end, you will have either the energy and motivation to self-publish...or the common sense to run at the thought of it.  


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